Tami Black träffar Rihanna
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Tami Black är ett lyckligt fan from Indien som fick chansen att träffa Rihanna förra veckan efter hennes show i Chicago. Tami delade med sig av hennes historia som du kan läsa nedan:
We were there at the United Center since 7:30pm. Just waiting for Rih. She hit the stage at around 10pm. Asap Rocky didn’t perform so from 7:30-10 it was just music playing but I didn’t care, I was there to see my love, Robyn. So we explored the center. We walked around holding our signs (myself and my daughters). We took to a table, put our stuff down and just started dancing. Maya and I danced and danced, people were walking by and looking, some smiled, some started dancing, some read my sign and kept it moving. We were having a ball without a care. Our seats weren’t the best, but we were gonna make the best of the situation because we drove from Indiana to Chicago and my mind was made up to make it the best time for myself and the girls. We were going to see Rihanna! It was my dream and birthday wish to meet her. She’s my fav celeb person because shes an island girl, a great artist, she can sing, create, design. She’s just the all around package and I admire her for all she’s been through. She’s a soldier. Plus, she loves her fans. She actually takes time out to interact with us, shes the most realest and down to earth person ever. Did I mention how gorgeous she is? Omg!

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